Our Beers

We pride ourselves in the quality and diversity of the beers we serve at Pinellas Ale Works, and strive to brew beers that meet the highest standards. We take our craft seriously, and know that the care and attention we put into our brewing practices shows in the end product.

We have 24 taps in our tasting room. They consist of PAW core brands, and a rotating selection of pilot batches of experimental beers, keg treatments, seasonal offerings, and (typically) one hard cider. Visit us today!

Also available to-go in the tasting room:

  • 1/6 & 1/2 bbl Kegs
  • 32 & 64oz Growlers
  • Coffee + Vanilla- Bean Porter- 22oz bottles
  • 1888 Russian Imperial Stout- 22oz bottles
  • Jack Daniels Barrel Aged Imperial Stout- 12oz bottles
  • Harold’s St Pete Style Lager- 6-packs
  • Piddle Pils- German Pilsner- 6-packs
  • Sit Amber Ale- 6-packs
  • Milk Bone Sweet Stout- 6-packs

Beer Descriptions

Here are just a few of our award-winning brews available in the tasting room

1888 – Russian Imperial Stout

11.5% ABV | 108 IBU | 110 SRM
June 8th 1888, the day in which the first train pulled into the last stop in southern Pinellas County. That train arrived carrying empty freight cars and one passenger on the railroad built by Peter Demens. Eventually the city that arose around that stop was named after his birthplace of St. Petersburg, Russia. To honor the arrival of that first train we present this beer which boasts bold roast barley, chocolate, toffee, dark fruit and coffee flavors big enough to satisfy even the most demanding aristocrats.

Milk Bone – Sweet Stout

5% ABV | 24 IBU | 45 SRM
This dark beer has been one of our best sellers from day one. This milk stout (AKA sweet stout) is brewed with lactose in the boil which gives a residual sweetness and medium mouthfeel. You will notice notes of chocolate, coffee and slight toffee in the aroma and flavor. If you like café con leche, you’ll love Milk Bone!

Harold’s – St Pete Style Lager

5% ABV | 25 IBU | 3.5 SRM
The ode to our buildings namesake is our go to, easy drinking beer for any occasion. Harold used to run an auto body repair shop where we now brew our beer. If he was still around, we’re sure this would be his favorite beer. Loosely based on the German Kolsch style, we use a proprietary fermentation process to produce a flavorful beer that finishes smooth and clean. Pilsner base malt provides a pleasant malt backbone and the German Hallertauer hops balance out the sweetness with a slight herbal note. This beer is a favorite around the brewery due to its simplicity and approachability! Watch for special treatments on tap in the Tasting Room, including Strawberry/Banana, Peach, and Coffee Harold’s!

Piddle Pils – Pilsner

4.9% ABV | 39 IBU | 3 SRM
This beer is our take on the German Pilsner style. It’s slightly more flavorful and hop forward than our Harold’s lager. Our exclusive “St Pete style” fermenting and lagering process makes this beer smooth and sessionable, but never boring.

Sit – Amber Ale

5.3% ABV | 24 IBU | 15 SRM
When we wrote the recipe for this beer, our goal was not to create another IPA in a different color, but to offer a sessionable beer balanced more on the malty side. We use “citrisy” american hops- but in moderation so the malt can come through.
Sit!.. and enjoy!

Stay – American Pale Ale

5.3% ABV | 35 IBU | 7 SRM
Typically the first command you teach to every young puppy. If you appreciate Craft Beer but have never tried ours, this would be a good beer to start with. Lots of late kettle additions and plenty of dry hoping provide huge American hop flavor and a wonderful fruity and slightly floral aroma. Don’t be fooled into thinking all that hop goodness will leave a bitter mess in your mouth, this beer is balanced, finishes clean and crisp and is a joy to quaff. So be good, Stay.

Off the Leash– American IPA

7% ABV | 72 IBU | 8 SRM
Our goal with this American IPA is balance. We use loads of hops for a big hop aroma and flavor, but also just enough malt to balance out the bitterness. We don’t believe, “he who dies with the highest IBU’s (International Bittering Units) wins.”

Thrill Hill- Double IPA

8.4% ABV |  82 IBU | 6 SRM
This over the top Double IPA is named after a famous St Pete “Hill”, and it’s a hop lover’s dream! It’s light in color but big and bold in flavor. To achieve the big juicy hop flavor, we send the hot wort (pre-fermentation beer) through lots of whole leaf Chinook hops on the way to the fermenter, and the big hop nose- this comes from dry hopping with lots American and New Zealand hops. The slightly sweet malt takes a back seat letting the hop flavors shine, and a dryer finish leaves a pleasant bitterness that begs for another sip. Yes, tons of hops were sacrificed in the making of this beer, but we thing you’ll agree, it was worth it. When your mouth is ready for a thrill, order a Thrill Hill!

Doberman – Brown Ale

5% ABV | 23 IBU | 24 SRM
This Brown Ale is packed with malt, chocolate and hints of biscuit and honey flavors. Brewed with an addition of molasses in the boil, the complexity is enjoyable without being overwhelming. Two lighter hop additions keep the balance on the malty side. This fearless beer will be your friend ’til the end!

Schwarzhound- German Black Beer

5% ABV | 25 IBU | 28 SRM
Don’t be afraid of the dark! Unlike most black beers- like American Stouts which tend to be more roasty and bitter, this beer is very balanced and sessionable. Subtle hints of unsweetened chocolate and coffee keep it interesting, and restrained bittering hop additions keep the balance in check. Schwarzhound is all bark and no bite!

So what are you waiting for? Come visit us, and try a flight of beers in our tasting room today!


Contact Cavalier Distributing (863-701-4580) to put us on tap in your Pinellas County bar or restaurant.